Four different ones:

Four different ones:

The last but not least is Garry, after another two hours painting. Less coarse than the previous week, and overall, as an exercise, I’m quite happy with it.

I suppose the problem is with a group setting, you are never going to be able to set the model up in the way you would truly like to. Whilst I firmly believe that democracy in a life drawing/painting setting is hugely problematic and should be avoided, one does need to take into account the needs of ones fellow travellers, and so the lighting etc. is compromised accordingly.

I was still using the Hannaford palette for this painting. I find it rather bright for my tastes, although it has been good to try another colour set, and I’ll use it for a few more portraits before I decide whether to continue using it. Some of the colour combinations are too beautiful to dismiss!

The other three 9x5 paintings were painted over the recent holiday weekend. Great company, and lousy weather! You will probably have gathered by now that I rather like the 9 x 5” format. I have to paint quickly, and that makes me simplify what I see. Some are more successful than others, but they usually offer the promise of something bigger and far more considered.

I especially like the limited tonal range of the last painting in the group (which might well lead to a studio painting). It was a very damp day, and the sight of the clouds sweeping in through the canopies of the gum trees was extraordinary. I remember the rain well enough from my first thirty years spent in England. This is of a different quality altogether. It doesn’t sheet in at you sideways, it's not cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, and the sun will be out soon!

I'm not quite sure what I will be showing you next. I've got a lot of projects on the boil at the moment, not least the 'Joynt venture' painting I started a few weeks ago. I've worked on it, but I would like to work on it further before I put it up for all to see.

By way of a footnote, the little bayside overcast painting I showed you last time won a "Commended' at the Royal Queensland Art Society last week. I'm not even sure the paint was dry!


Minto-Crags-Croftby-Vale-June-2013-9x5 for-web.jpg
Minto-Crags-June-2013-Rainy-afternoon-9x5 for web.jpg