Something a bit different...

It has been my habit for a few years now to take my sketchbook with me when I head out for a night of revelry. Brisbane has a delightful selection of places to draw and have a beer or two at the same time, and I have filled up quite a few books since moving back up here from Sydney!

Most of the sketches will probably never see the light of day again, but once in a while I manage to create a gem. It seems a bit of a shame to leave some of my liveliest sketches tucked away unseen, so I occasionally trawl through the books and bring together likely drawings into compositions which I have occasionally painted. The one you can see below is just such a piece. Where things differ though is that I have chosen to throw caution to the wind and paint a triptych. The piece Isn't as big as the biggest painting I have ever painted, but its not far off. The middle panel is 44x33" (112x84cm), and the smaller panels on either side are 44x24" (112x61cm), or 44x87" (221x112cm) overall.

Aside from the challenge of size, the biggest challenge is going to be achieving a sense of unity between the panels.  I am intending to use the light source to accomplish this. I am also hoping to suggest a narrative through the placement and relationships between the figures, and then use the whole thing as something of a test bed for ideas I have about texture and layering of paint. What you see now is only the (incomplete) underpainting. 

Unusually, I have painted this -so far- in acrylic paints, which I usually avoid like the plague. This time however, they have proven very useful for their quick drying properties, and the fact that I wont get any bleed through from the underpainting, a problem I have had in the past.

The figures are mostly suggested by drawings I made at 'The Joynt' (one of Brisbane s best music venues), whilst the window openings and outside are suggested by those at The Joynt itself. I'll probably call it "A Joynt venture", but that is just a working title for the moment.

I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads.