Robert Hannaford workshop

What a weekend! It was my privilege to take part in a workshop conducted by the great Australian painter Robert Hannaford, at the Royal Queensland Art Society studios.

The direct placement of paint of the correct tone, colour, and shape was the essential message, along with the notion that the development of the painting as a whole rather than working up discrete elements was the best way to go about things. Not unfamiliar ideas, but under the guidance of a great painter, ideas that took on a new vibrancy, as I hope is evident in my painting of Brett, the model.

The repeated mantra was the search for the 'Truth' in the subject. Aiming to capture the essential character of the individual through their appearance, their posture, the look in their eye, whatever it is that gives the essence of their personality. Of course there are as many truths as there are artists, but I am very glad that my ideas accord with Robert Hannaford's rather than the wilder flights of fantasy often seen in the Archibald or Doug Moran prizes, or what in my opinion are the bland soulless offerings of 'photorealistic' photocopiers like Michael Zavros.

The photographs below are of rather poor quality, but serve to show what the subject looks like. But as I say, as far as working with Robert  Hannaford goes, a privilege, and an experience I wont forget.